Stand Easy

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Not Just Intonation CD

"Stand Easy contains songs for all occasions. The excitement of mixing and mashing the worlds of both celtic and rock was the idea behind my first CD. I wrote rock songs and combined them with bagpipes, instrumentals and old traditional Scottish and Irish tunes to form a cohesive celtic rock album."
- John Allan

This Moment

When I was five years old you stood twenty feet tall

My father my hero invincible

So I wasn't sure what dying meant

But I knew you couldn't come back from where you went

So I just wanted you to know


Right at this moment I'm thinking of you

I look for your face through the clouds

Right at this moment my heart sheds a tear

In this moment I know that you're here

I've stopped looking for answers from my past

Why you why me why die why leave so fast

All that's ever done for me

Is shut you out and push me further away

So I haven't checked in for a while

And I just wanted you to know