Stand Easy

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Not Just Intonation CD

"Stand Easy contains songs for all occasions. The excitement of mixing and mashing the worlds of both celtic and rock was the idea behind my first CD. I wrote rock songs and combined them with bagpipes, instrumentals and old traditional Scottish and Irish tunes to form a cohesive celtic rock album."
- John Allan

Going Home

I could never catch my breath

In that suffocating town

The guidance teachers at the only school said

"Boy, you'd better just settle down"

And the dreams they said were crazy

Showed me a world I'd never have found

And ten years on I've made my peace with my

favourite home town

'cause I miss you

Faults and all

You haven't grown but you're not so small

There's a part of me that will always live alone

Till I'm going home

A few weeks home gives me the reality I need

You are you and I am me

And we agree to disagree

My family and my friends

saw something in you I couldn't see

But now I love to visit you and let you visit me