Stand Easy

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Not Just Intonation CD

"Stand Easy contains songs for all occasions. The excitement of mixing and mashing the worlds of both celtic and rock was the idea behind my first CD. I wrote rock songs and combined them with bagpipes, instrumentals and old traditional Scottish and Irish tunes to form a cohesive celtic rock album."
- John Allan


The wind's cried out through the glen

Calling for home rule again

And for all our past heroes who fell or stood tall

We have rallied and answered the call

With a true Scots voice for a true Scottish realm

As we said to our future with Scots at the heml

There's a brand new look to our old history books

As Scotland tastes freedom again

A new Scots battle's been won

This time without sword or the gun

For our vote has proved mighty

And we've reclaimed our land

Let us stand up and speak hand in hand


All over the world we now stand

For you'll hear the Scots pipe in most lands

And read Scottish poetry

In your own mother tongue

Sure our Country is old

But our future is young...