Stand Easy

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Not Just Intonation CD

"Stand Easy contains songs for all occasions. The excitement of mixing and mashing the worlds of both celtic and rock was the idea behind my first CD. I wrote rock songs and combined them with bagpipes, instrumentals and old traditional Scottish and Irish tunes to form a cohesive celtic rock album."
- John Allan

Love Can Never Change

Two men of faith living side by side

Both pray with pride and talk of tolerance

But they don't share a church

So they don't share a word

'cause they're focused on their differences

But root of all faith I think they've overlooked

Love...or your name for love

Call it mother nature or some power above

It doesn't matter cause it's all the same

It could have a thousand names

But Love can never change

Don't get me wrong I know I'm judging you

So I'll question why and where my motives lie

But it sure ain't easy being honest with myself

'cause it doesn't leave much room to hide

But there's one thing I'll hope I never overlook