Stand Easy

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Not Just Intonation CD

"Stand Easy contains songs for all occasions. The excitement of mixing and mashing the worlds of both celtic and rock was the idea behind my first CD. I wrote rock songs and combined them with bagpipes, instrumentals and old traditional Scottish and Irish tunes to form a cohesive celtic rock album."
- John Allan

Letting Love In

I had only leased out my heart

Too afraid of lettin' go and being vulnerable

But you taught me there's a different way

When I feel my fear rising just let go and say

I'm letting love in

I'm handing over all control

I'm letting love in

I can feel its power filling up my soul

I'm letting love in

I'm letting love in

I'm checking all my hearbreaks at the door

I'm peeling my armor away

It's really easy when I try

And I'm ok taking small, small steps

'cause I know where I'm going when you're by my side

Now my only fear in love

Is that I might of missed its call

Instead I'm learning to love

Like I've never been hurt at all