Stand Easy

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Not Just Intonation CD

Not Just Intonation is the latest in a fine collection of some of the best songs to come out of Stand Easy yet. The innovative CD continues in the vein of timeless, traditional Celtic music alongside original rock and roll ballads. The strength of this album lies in the musicians' mastery of their instruments and Allan's ability to write songs that blend great melody, a driving rhythmic rock section and a fantastic storytelling voice.


Following You

Still waving goodbye

As your train was far out of sight

Stood alone on that platform

Watching the pigeons fly left and right

I wanted one of them to tell you what

I couldn't say myself

Go fly to you

'cause I could use a little help to tell you


Right now I'd do anything

To follow your dreams with you

To wake up beside you

I'd be floating on air

With no more dreams to come true

If I was following you

Gotta see this one through

or another chance will just slip away

12 o'clock at Central Station

You're only in town for half a day

But I'll only need a minute to say what's

missing in my life

That everything I need is right before my eyes