Stand Easy

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Not Just Intonation CD

Not Just Intonation is the latest in a fine collection of some of the best songs to come out of Stand Easy yet. The innovative CD continues in the vein of timeless, traditional Celtic music alongside original rock and roll ballads. The strength of this album lies in the musicians' mastery of their instruments and Allan's ability to write songs that blend great melody, a driving rhythmic rock section and a fantastic storytelling voice.


Trembling Girl

She's trying so hard

To bandage the wounds from her past

And block out those voices

that blast out things like

Baby you'll never be well and

you'll never climb out of this hell

And my heart's going with her as

she slips away


I just can't chase her out of my head

Even though every flag hoisted is red

I want to hide her behind me

And fight off her demons myself

My Trembling Girl

When she says she's sorry

Yesterday slips from my sight

And I believe everything

might be just as perfect

as she said it could be

Then she runs screaming from me

And I can't get away...