Stand Easy

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Not Just Intonation CD

Not Just Intonation is the latest in a fine collection of some of the best songs to come out of Stand Easy yet. The innovative CD continues in the vein of timeless, traditional Celtic music alongside original rock and roll ballads. The strength of this album lies in the musicians' mastery of their instruments and Allan's ability to write songs that blend great melody, a driving rhythmic rock section and a fantastic storytelling voice.


First heard your voice down by the river

Couldn't see your face

but I felt someone next to me

I couldn't listen and I almost

drowned that day

You kept trying to help me

and I kept pushing you away


I'm willing to take that hand from you

and line up by your side

I'm praying for a truly open mind

I promise I won't lie to you and say

everything's alright

If you'll show me what I need to do

To keep an angel in my life

Life's been throwing all she's got at me

The good the bad and all the crap

crammed in between

But since I've been listening

I found some peace of mind

That's what you're offering

That peace I couldn't find